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Experience the adrenaline rush with Grand Extreme Racing, a car racing game featuring 4+ cars, extensive customizations, and heart-pounding races. Aim to dominate every track, win tournaments, unlock new vehicles, and customize your ride for the ultimate racing experience.

Share the excitement of the formula with faster cars, various customizations, and 1 and 2-person modes. Choose your car, customize it, and hit the track to become the champion.

Formula Racing Excitement

Grand Extreme Racing offers an immersive formula racing experience with a variety of cars and customization options. Feel the thrill of the race as you speed through tracks, competing against opponents in a quest to be the ultimate champion.

Customize Your Ride

Take control of your racing destiny with 6 tire customizations, engine upgrades, brake enhancements, and turbo boosts. Tailor your car to perfection, optimizing its performance for each race.

Dynamic Gameplay Modes

Grand Extreme Racing introduces three dynamic gameplay modes to keep the excitement flowing. Engage in a 1-player manner and participate in thrilling tournaments, earning prize money and unlocking new cars and levels.

In this racing game, you can play alone on a wide screen in 1-player mode, while you can play with your friends on a split screen in a 2-player way. Championship or fun, the choice is entirely yours.

Multiple Camera Angles

Immerse yourself in the race with two camera angles. The 1st-person TPS camera and the cockpit camera provide diverse perspectives, enhancing the gaming experience.

Your Racing Adventure Begins Now

Grand Extreme Racing invites you to a world of speed, competition, and customization. Are you ready to dominate the tracks, unlock new levels, and challenge your friends in heart-pounding races? Start your engines and experience the grandeur of extreme racing now!

How to Play Grand Extreme Racing?

The first player can move his vehicle using the arrow keys and use nitro with the M key. The second player can drive his vehicle with the W, A, S, D keys and activate nitro with the Left Shift key.

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