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City Car Stunts 2

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Prepare for adrenaline-pumping city car stunts with City Car Stunts 2. With 6+ cars, various skins, and challenging levels, showcase your driving prowess on crazy ramps. Whether solo or with friends, this car racing game offers a dynamic experience that goes beyond traditional car-driving games.

Start jumping off ramps, breaking obstacles, and performing crazy stunts with cars in an open world with a brand new experience. Choose the vehicle you want, customize it, and enjoy the driving experience to the fullest.

Rev Up the Excitement with Diverse Cars and Skins

City Car Stunts 2 takes your driving experience to the next level with a selection of 6+ cars and a variety of skins to customize your ride. Each vehicle offers a unique driving feel, ensuring a thrilling adventure every time you hit the virtual streets.

Watch out for skyscrapers, high streets, and bumpy roads on the streets in this adventure. To prove yourself in this street racing, give your best ride and become a real street racer.

Challenge Yourself with 3 Exciting Game Modes

Explore the city in 3 different ways! In 1-player mode, conquer challenging levels and unlock new ones as you showcase your skills. Switch to 2-player mode and share the excitement with a friend in competitive or cooperative gameplay. Opt for the free mode to roam an open world, destroy objects, and earn stars at your own pace.

Unlock Cars and Dominate the Streets

City Car Stunts 2 isn't just about driving – it's about unlocking the full potential of your cars. Progress through levels, conquer challenges, and unlock new vehicles to enhance your driving experience.

Explore the world of city car stunts, multiplayer games, and online driving experiences. Immerse yourself in the excitement of 2-player online matches and unleash the full potential of City Car Stunts 2.

Your Urban Driving Adventure Begins Now

City Car Stunts 2 invites you to experience urban driving like never before. Challenge yourself, compete with friends, and explore an open world filled with excitement. Are you ready to dominate the streets and become the master of city car stunts? Play the racing game and embark on your thrilling journey!

How to Play City Car Stunts 2?

The game can be played for both single and two players. The first user can use the arrow keys to move his vehicle and change the camera with the B key. The second player can move his vehicle with the W, A, S, D keys and change the camera with the C key.

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