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Join us on a thrilling journey with Highway Road Racing, an HTML5 car game that offers the excitement of high-speed races, 10+ supercars, and customizable features.

Super Cars, Endless Customizations

Experience the thrill of Highway Road Racing with a collection of 10+ supercars, each offering a unique driving experience. Customize your ride with 3 different wheels and explore a variety of options, including engine upgrades, steering enhancements, braking improvements, police sirens, turbo boosts, and exhaust modifications.

Each car has its own acceleration and braking system. If you want, create a fast and uncontrolled monster car, or create a controlled and show car. It's up to you to win with the choices you make.

Diverse Gameplay Modes and Maps

Choose your challenge with 3 distinct gameplay modes: one-way mode, two-way mode, and time trial mode. Explore diverse environments with 3 different maps: valley, city, and forest.

Get ready to make the asphalt cry in exciting and different atmospheres! Choose and customize the car you want, choose your track, and start an endless car racing adventure.

Earn, Upgrade, Dominate

Strategize your way to victory as you navigate through traffic, pass cars, and earn money. Utilize your earnings to unlock new vehicles and make crucial customizations.

Multiple Camera Angles for Immersive Gameplay

Immerse yourself in the action with 3 different camera angles. Experience the rush from various perspectives, enhancing your gameplay and adding an extra layer of excitement to your highway racing adventure.

Each camera angle has its pros and cons. With the remote camera angle, you can see and maneuver the cars ahead more efficiently, while with the close camera angle, you can quickly overtake the vehicles nearest to you.

Your Speed-Fueled Adventure Awaits

Highway Road Racing invites you to a world of speed, customization, and endless thrills. Start your engines and experience the ultimate road racing fun now!

How to Play Highway Road Racing?

To move your vehicle, you need to use W, A, S, D or directional arrow keys. You can make in-game customizations and many other details with your mouse.

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