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Show off a fashion outfit with Winx Club: Dress Up, where more than 5 characters await your creative touch. Immerse yourself in a world entire of stunning costumes and accessories featuring Bloom, Musa, Layla, Flora, Stella, Tecna, and their friends. This dress-up game is your passport to a magical world of endless fashion possibilities.

Dive into the Winx club adventure with dozens of various clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Choose the fairy you want and carefully prepare it for the next magical ball show.

Magical Transformations with 5+ Characters

Winx Club: Dress Up invites you to step into the shoes of your favorite Winx characters and redefine their styles. With over 5 enchanting characters to choose from, the game offers a diverse range of fashion options to match your unique taste.

Each character has physical characteristics such as hair color, eye color, and height. When choosing your character for the show, pay attention to physical characteristics and clothing harmony. Prepare the best version of each character and start the show.

Create Real Fairy Styles with Unlimited Choices

Unleash your creativity with an extensive wardrobe of dresses, jewelry, shoes, wings, and buckles. Winx Club: Dress Up is not just a game; it's a canvas for your imagination. Craft actual fairy styles by mixing and matching different elements, bringing your vision to life in the magical world of Winx.

Fashion Fun for All Winx Fans

Whether you're a die-hard Winx Club enthusiast or a newcomer to the magical realm, Dress Up offers an inclusive and entertaining experience for all fans. Join Bloom, Musa, Layla, Flora, Stella, Tecna, and their friends as they embark on a style change adventure, making this dress-up game a must-play for every Winx fan.

Create your fashion style and show your style in this dress-up game where you can find your favorite Winx Club girls together. Choose the exemplary character and the suitable dresses to show off all your skills and start the show.

Your Fairy Tale Awaits

Winx Club: Dress Up isn't just a game; it's a fairy tale waiting to unfold. Dive into the magical realm of fashion, express your creativity, and transform your favorite Winx characters into style icons.

How to Play Winx Club: Dress Up?

You can use your mouse to use clothes and all other accessories.

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