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Indulge your love for wild running and endless fun with The Floor is Lava, a captivating 2D platformer that promises exhilarating gameplay with charming characters. Immerse yourself in this endless kitchen adventure, collect coins, break distance records, and evade the molten lava to unlock a diverse cast of characters.

Your goal in this crazy escape game is not just to collect money but to break the highest distance record and escape from molten lava. Jump at the right places and collect the best superpowers to start this endless running-type culinary adventure.

Platformer Fun

The Floor is Lava is your ticket to non-stop platformer excitement. Navigate through the endless kitchen, dodging the lava and collecting coins with your chosen character. The game challenges you to surpass your highest score and sets the stage for thrilling, unpredictable gameplay.

Unlockable Characters

Dive into the game's rich character selection, featuring eight distinct personalities. Each character brings its flair to the game, adding variety and replay value. Unlock them by achieving milestones, and find the perfect character to accompany you on your lava-escaping journey. Choose the hero that suits you best among these characters, and start a long-lasting adventure.

Super Powers to Enhance Gameplay

Add an extra layer of excitement to your adventure with superpowers. Take flight with a balloon, rocket ahead at high speeds, multiply your gold coin haul, or reach new heights with a particular jump. These powers not only make gameplay dynamic but also offer strategic advantages in your quest to conquer the kitchen.

These forces can be on the table, on the ground, or in the air. Try to get these superpowers with the right moves at the right time. These superpowers will give you a long-term advantage in breaking your distance record and will help you achieve your goals.

Run, Jump, and Escape the Lava!

The Floor is Lava isn't just a platformer game; it's a vibrant and accessible experience designed for endless enjoyment. With unlockable characters, superpowers, and a focus on high scores, this game is set to become a favorite among players of all ages.

How to Play The Floor is Lava?

While your cute character moves on the platform, he must jump to avoid obstacles. You can also use the mouse to jump your character and overcome all obstacles.

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