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Immerse yourself in the thrill of Lada Russian Car Drift, a cutting-edge 3D drift game featuring an array of drift cars. Unlock them through successful mission completions and customization. Modify your ride with options like wheels, front bumpers, spoilers, and paint. With three unique scenes, master the art of drifting through three exhilarating laps and aim for the highest score. Experience the ultimate in drifting excitement!

Unlock and Customize Drift Cars

Embark on a drift adventure with Lada Russian Car Drift, where unlocking and customizing over ten drift cars await. Complete missions to access new vehicles, each with unique characteristics. Elevate your ride by modifying wheels, bumpers, spoilers, and the vehicle's color. Drift with style as you conquer the challenges and unveil the full potential of your drifting fleet.

In addition, the speeds and vehicle models of the other vehicles in the showroom are higher than the first car. It is of great importance to unlock new vehicles to increase your drift score and complete levels faster.

Master Drifting Scenes: Hangar, Garages, Drift Track

Choose your stage and showcase your drifting skills in three captivating scenes. Whether it's the industrial vibe of the Hangar, the urban allure of the Garages, or the precision-demanding Drift Track, each set offers a distinct challenge. Navigate the curves, perfect your drifts, and dominate the leaderboard in these diverse and visually stunning environments.

Compete for High Scores: Three-Lap Drift Challenge

Engage in the ultimate three-lap drift challenge in Lada Russian Car Drift. Push your skills to the limit as you maneuver through each scene, executing perfect drifts to secure the highest score. Compete against yourself or challenge friends, experiencing the adrenaline-pumping excitement of mastering the art of drifting.

One of the essential factors while drifting is not to have an accident. Because you earn points from the first moment you start drifting, and if you crash your vehicle, your current score will be reset. Therefore, when you stop drifting, it is an essential factor to score high in the game.

Play Now: Unleash Your Drift Skills

Ready to unleash your drift skills? Play Lada Russian Car Drift now and experience the adrenaline rush of mastering 3D drifts, unlocking cars, and customizing your ride. Will you conquer the leaderboard and become the ultimate drift champion? Start your drifting journey today!

How to Play Lada Russian Car Drift?

You must use the mouse to customize your vehicle and for all other vehicle operations. To become a good drift master, it is enough to use WASD keys and Space keys.

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