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Boeing Flight Simulator

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Enjoy an exhilarating journey with Boeing Flight Simulator, a cutting-edge airplane game that offers 6+ planes, 15+ maps, and a thrilling aviation experience. Take off from challenging tracks, navigate to target destinations, earn rewards, and unlock new levels in this dynamic flight simulation.

A Fleet of 6+ Planes

Dive into the cockpit of diverse aircraft, each with unique speed and braking systems. From sleek jets to robust planes, the game offers a varied fleet that caters to different flying preferences. Choose your aircraft wisely as you prepare for takeoff.

Choose the plane you want among the beautiful planes, make sure you choose the best aircraft, and start challenging missions. Follow the instructions during takeoff and landing, and remember to follow the indicators.

15+ Scenic Maps Await

Explore the virtual skies with 15+ meticulously crafted maps, each presenting a new set of challenges and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you're flying over urban skylines or soaring through mountainous terrains, the immersive environments add a layer of realism to your airborne adventure.

Challenge-Packed Gameplay

Your mission is to conquer challenging tracks, land safely on target tracks, and accumulate rewards to unlock further levels. The game's engaging challenges keep you on your toes, testing your piloting skills and decision-making prowess.

Turn off your wheels after taking off and avoid possible accidents. Before reaching the destination, turn your wheels back on and prevent the body of the plane from touching the ground. Make the right moves at the right time for the most successful landings.

3D Graphics for a Visual Feast

Boeing Flight Simulator raises the bar with stunning 3D graphics that bring the aircraft and landscapes to life. Immerse yourself in a visually captivating world as you navigate through the skies, showcasing the best in modern flight simulation technology. Are you ready to take control of the skies and become a master aviator? Strap in, throttle up, and let the adventure begin!

How to Play Boeing Flight Simulator?

To move your plane, you need to use W, A, S, D or direction arrow keys.

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