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Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup

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Immerse yourself in the excitement of Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup, where the thrill of soccer games meets the intensity of penalty shooters. Choose your country, aim for the goal, and experience the joy of victory in the European Cup finals. This football game takes the penalty shootout experience to a whole new level with its dynamic gameplay and advanced shooting system.

Take Your Shot for Glory

In Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup, you have the power to make your country proud. With over 20+ teams to choose from, you'll embark on a journey to score goals in penalties, save shots, and outplay opponents on your way to the final. The dream team title is within reach – are you ready to make it happen?

Score goals in all penalty kicks and make saves with your goalkeeper to achieve your dream and become the dream team the world wants. Beat all opponents, get out of groups, and prepare for the big World Cup final.

An Advanced 3-Stage Shooting System

This game revolutionizes penalty shootouts with a cutting-edge 3-stage shooting system. Adjust the ball's destination with precision – go right, left, up, down, or choose the intensity with rigid or slow shots. The immersive controls add a strategic layer to the gameplay, making each penalty kick a tactical challenge.

It's up to you to win the cup with these tactical strikes! What are you waiting for to put the ball into the net with correct analysis and correct shooting techniques, score goals, make saves, and win the World Cup?

Goalkeeper Skills Unleashed

To make spectacular saves, channel your inner goalkeeper. Guess the right corner, dive with precision and stop opponents' shots in their tracks. The Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup demands not only sharpshooting skills but also the instincts of a top-tier goalkeeper.

Your Journey to Cup Glory Begins

Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup isn't just a football game and goalkeeper game; it's your ticket to soccer glory. Choose your team, feel the rush of the crowd, and take your shots with precision. Are you ready to rewrite history? Play now and make your mark in the world of Penalty Shootout!

How to Play Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup?

Once you have completed your team selection, you can start the match. In order to shoot with your character, you must complete three steps with the mouse. The first step is where you want to send the ball into the goal. The second step is to adjust the height. The last step is to determine the power of the shot, again using the mouse.

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